In the article “Nada to view” I stated: “Antonio Peredo can be an Orthodox and stubborn leftist many things, but foolish is not and less an innocent would fool in content State anti a resolution” I regret having to acknowledge my mistake. It is a great foolish. Because that recognition of part I i not insist on anything else.
But I have on the shelf something. And is the way, the way, with which Senator Peredo decides “withdrawing its signature”, as if this all the statements received from the protagonists of the delincuencial Act and that such conduct evidentiary documents were be such may be erased.
The does not say that the actuados had been result of deception and that the evidence to show, not “possible responsibilities”, but the serious signs of administrative responsibility and criminal in which fell Ramirez Santos companywide Government are not certain. What comes to relate is the late contrición act committed it public, after that Mr Vice-President García, have the cry to heaven to the anaesthesia senatorial resolution that it is nothing that the instrument of the destabilization of Evo Morales and of course yours.
“Do not accept that Walter Guiteras say that the document accuses Ministers and is the basis for the trial of responsibility against the President”. “Not decline to Oscar Ortiz say that the report does not mention the President Evo Morales, but it also excludes
There is Mr Peredo! Can say what they want and what are they come in WINS, this does not change the contents of the resolution of the National Senate, containing only “recommendations” and “possible responsibilities” reaching including the law research fortunes to fear both them and you wonder.
So its act of political contrición is an error that pulls down its image and places it in the foolish line. A true worth, it had, until now, a distinctive to their masistas congeners. What has led to the end of qualify as a “carajo” by Gustavo Torrico, an element of an undisputed human quality.
The fact is that Alvaro García Linera know that if the Ministers noted as”possible” renounce, Sung better than in Festival de Viña del Mar and discover the entire network of corruption in which the Government of the profound changes sits. And that it points to it directly as the grey brain this fabric that has been working with chopsticks of Evo Morales.
Is not for less, therefore, the panic which has fallen. But the late arrepentimientos not serve not only for clothes the weaknesses of a Government which already cannot, or the presence of their Senators hide the rot has destapado. And no way to implement that that fault of all, comfort of fools. Mr. Evo Morales comes to say that the “other” made what i. Therefore, if so, what is the change that preaches? To part confession relay test. Us clarifies that he is equal to the “others”. The discourse of honesty, Holiness masista and the “sacred” Indian has fallen to them.