It was not in vain. The Government decided to play integer at any time and almost at its beginning planned their continuity. Why to shape the constituent Assembly elections were the first step to and therefore also do not hesitate transgress and violentar the standard for care for the contents of a Constitution flawed in its procedure and inclusive in its content.

Today 14 April of 2009 the law of the transition electoral system has crowned all that effort. Scheduled re-election is legalized and from now on forward nothing can stop the process. We could say that the first cycle’s power of the M.A.S. project has completed. It was three years and four months explosive. Change claimed by the Bolivian, society not came in the form and content that was expected, but was under the mould of a Government beset and aprisionado from its vital Center by external power.

Morales, or without the Executive presence of the Hugo Chávez developed and the political and ideological analysis provided by Fidel Castro had not able to manage the burden of this cycle. They were decisive factors in the control of the most important steps to not miss the objective of the re-election. And are these factors which the opposition underestimated.

For that citizenship not feel represented by them. And therefore not looking at alternative, most adds to what is at hand. Morales, or represents the change. Do what change? Anyone giving us. Such the tiredness of the people in the corrupt and prebendal management which took power in the past.

But between the desired change and obtained distance. The corrupt and prebendal conduct of the past were lost, on the contrary has increased. The economic and social conditions that expected have not changed. Economic indicators show a stagnation of all factors of production from the year 2000 and a deterioration in the same. In spite of the boom of prices for our raw materials, the reality is, before the boom and after him.

In the field of the cultural identity, ethnic war showed his face. It was not necessary. But the Government took the path of ethnic confrontation to split water and displayed as the Government of the poor. Thus entrepreneurs against workers, urban against rural, white skin against the morena, Aymara against the Eastern customs gave contempt way deep know better than the other hatred.

This cycle has weakened Bolivia and strengthened Evo Morales. This means that stronger makes weaker Evo will Bolivia. Because the strength of Evo sits in the weakness of the country. Drug trafficking without control, made smuggling, closure of markets and loss of production, mass immigration, injure relationsindos-poder foreign, international isolation, affected exports, national linkage Cuba, Venezuela and Chile, set up the most important features of this cycle.

The Government of the poor needed them to be. Grow and reproduce poverty is to strengthen the M.A.S. Here’s the truth equation. Exactly as in Cuba, when more unfortunate is the largest town is Fidel.

Therefore, time has come the truth. The cycle of the administration of the new Plurinacional State and the economy. In these election, fair no longer be the central themes of those that

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